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We’re very excited to release our first ever youtube clip. We hope you enjoy learning how it all started. Also check out the awesome photos taken on set of the shoot! Watch and Enjoy!

Andrew Sotura, Founder of, explains how the website began.
Instagram Photo – New Commercial – coming soon…

Hey we’re filming a commercial.  Coming soon…
- Andy

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Note from Andy – Chief Recycler

Dear Recyclers,

I have some big news to share about

First I’d like to personally take the time to thank  all the recyclers, visitors, and everyone else discovering our website.  I had one mission when I started this website back in 2009, to help people make money. It was not easy starting a website out of my garage. The first year was spent late night in a cold garage counting boxes of ink cartridges while fending off mosquitos and spiders.  3 years later and has grown to become the leading online market place for recycling inkjet cartridges on the internet. We managed to get a small office in Chatsworth CA with a warehouse and an awesome staff. We even have a really cool coffee machine.

The big news is that we are working on our new website!  The new website will allow us to recycle more inkjet cartridges and pay you even more cash than ever before. That means people can make more money than ever before by recycling empty inkjet cartridges for cash. One new exciting feature is our Defective Cartridge Report. Now you can sign in to your my account page and look up every detail about your recycling. We hope this new feature along with other improvements will allow you to have a great experience on our website and earn the most cash for your empty cartridges.

It’s the weekend so enjoy and remember to recycle your ink!
P.S. took this picture with my iphone4

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In the office

Paper work at HQ

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Hello There!

Hello Hello! So glad you made it here! Pardon my exclamations but I am beyond happy because we have some fantastic new things on the horizon for you to check out.

Anyways, let me introduce myself. My name is Guisou – pronounced Gee-sou just in case you’re wondering.

I am a lover of wholesome people, great camaraderie, & am always on the chase for adventure. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, California I’ve been fortunate to have this bustling city as my play ground. I am an enthusiastic fan of all things vibrant. Thats what I think life is all about. I can be caught jamming out in my car. I like listening to NPR, the Spice Girls pandora station and podcasts. I have a soft spot for rescued pups. When I’m not blogging here, I dabble in some blogging of my own which can be seen here, venturing to museums, cycling and cooking up a storm.

Welcome to Ink Recycling Blog!

**Love to read your opinions, thoughts, rants, comments.



Back to School with

Summer is over! You know what that means? School has begun. We want to encourage everyone to be environmentally conscious for the 2012-2013 school year. Here are some awesome earth friendly back to school ideas to help your school and community go green.

Some green tips for you:

  • Brown paper super market bags as Recycle bins: Does your class have designated recycling bins?  If not no problem.  Reuse brown paper bags as recycle bins. Simply throw the whole bag into the recycle bin when the bag is full of plastic bottles and cans.
  • Reuse everything as scratch paper: Do not throw out that junk mail that piles up in your mailbox. Keep that piece of paper you only printed on one side. You could easily use the back side of these items to write notes on.
  • Purchase a reusable water bottle: Everyone needs to stay hydrated during class. Visit your local water store and buy a reusable 1/2 gallon water jug. Bringing a reusable water jug to class every day will save you a lot of money and is a green alternative to purchasing water bottles. Once you start doing it, others will start following.
  • Dude can I get a ride? Carpool to Class: Everyone needs to get to campus on time. Ask your friends to organize a carpool. No need for everyone to drive to class. It might take some planning but it will be green and convenient, especially if you have the same schedule as others.
  • Organize an ink cartridge recycling fundraiser: Earn money to help pay for school field trips or school dances. This is a great way to earn some extra money to pay for school supplies. The most effective way to raise a lot of money is to start collecting empty ink cartridges early in the school year. The more empty inkjets that you accumulate, the more money you will raise for your school!
  • Tell everyone to save their bottles, batteries, and empty printer cartridges: Now it’s time to tell all of your friends! Get your friends involved in all of the above environmentally friendly activities. Not only is it awesome to be green. Going outside and hanging with your friends is awesome too!

We wish all of you a sustainable and rewarding school year.
Now hit the books!

- Team